10+ Tips To Form An Effective Study Habit In 21 Days


In this article, you will learn how to form an effective habit for better and effective study. I will present different techniques that will help you to get most out of your time you spent in study. "Practice makes man perfect" is just a myth but "Perfect practice makes man perfect (And women too)" is a new reality. Considering the fact I will present different techniques that will help you to form effective study habits.

In Hindus holy book "Bhagwat Geeta", it is mentioned that if we repeat the particular task for 21 days it becomes our new habit. In this post, I will show how to form your study habit, prepare an effective timetable and stick to your timetable, motivate yourself, etc. Without doing late let' get started.

Before you start please answer these questions below:
1. What you want to be in your life?
2. Would you like to be the in-charge of your life or give control of your life to others?
3. Are you the same person who you really wanna be?
4. Are you happy with yourself?
5. Do you want to be the best version of yourself?

Answer the questions to yourself and note down the answer and be committed to being the best version of yourself. If yes then continue to the article.

1. Prepare your mindset for study
At first, you have to set a strong mindset and make sure you eagerly want to study. If your mind is not convinced then you cannot focus on your study. So prepare your mindset and take charge of your life and promise yourself that you will study hard and become a successful person in your life. Meditation can be helpful to stay focused during the study. Take out 15-20 of your time every morning for meditation.

2. Find the distract free place for study 
Now, find the distract free environment where you can study without any distraction. It does not worth studying in a noisy place. you cannot focus on your study in such a place and you will get distracted. Find a peaceful place for study and study at the same place daily.

Gather the study materials you need during your study so that you don't need to search for them. I recommend you to study at the study desk and your chair should not be too comfortable. Please do not study at your bed because your mind is associated with sleep in your bed so you may feel sleepy. Shutdown or turn your cell phone to silent and keep away from your study desk, if you keep in your desk then it will attract your mind and you may lose your focus on study.

3. Prepare a perfect timetable
When you go to school or college? If you go to school or college during the morning then you can study during the day. But if you go to school or college during the day then you can study in the morning. You should separate the suitable time when you can study and prepare a perfect timetable accordingly and stick to your timetable.

Be consistent and follow your timetable regularly. I know it is a difficult job but you have to study for making your life better. You can write a reason why you should study and stick it in your study place so that it will remind and motivate you for study. Make sure your timetable is logical, I mean your timetable should be logical and easy to follow otherwise you cannot follow it.

4. Repeat Repeat Repeat
Now you have to repeat your timetable regularly continuously for 21 days until it becomes your habit. It will be difficult for a few days but you have to be consistent with it if you really want to change yourself.

There are no such things like a genius brain or dumb brain. People who secure high grades follow the techniques mentioned above knowingly or unknowingly. So, all I can say is you can do it if they can? Different is that they are continuously training their brain for study but you can also train your brain if you work hard.

Now, if you follow the above techniques for 21 days then you may surely develop the effective study habit. Please follow the timetable regularly and after 21 days you can change the pattern of subjects you study so that your brain has to work to adopt the change.

I recommend you to analysis your progress and change your timetable if your results are not satisfying. Your brain has to work for adopting the change in your routine. So you can change your pattern of a timetable for making must out of your study. I have listed a few tips below which will help you to study smart and make must out of your study.

10 tips to study smart

1. Be regular at your class
Be regular to your class and attain the lecture. You should not miss any classes if possible. Attaining the class worth more than copying the notes from your friends. So try to be regular and never miss any classes.

2. Preparation
Yes, you heard right, you have to prepare for the topics what your professor or lecturer will deliver you before so that it will be easy to retain information to your brain. Just see the headings, title, subtitle, summary, diagram, and captions so that you can get an idea about the topics your lecturer gonna deliver to you.

3. Make your notes in your own words
Many scientific studies have proven that making notes in your own words is more beneficial and easy for our brain to retain information and you can remember it for a long time. So read the notes your lecturer has provided to you and try to write in your own words. And make your notes immediately within 24 hours of your lecture and read notes the same day.

4. Break your study sessions into small chunks
Instead of studying for 5 hours, you can break down it into 5 sessions of one-hour each and one-a hour session can be break into 25 minutes each and take a 5-minute break in between. It will help your brain to retain information more effectively and organize information during breaks. You can walk, drink water, etc during the breaks.

Don't take a break more than 5 to 10 minutes otherwise, it can be difficult for you to focus on your study again. Don't check your Facebook, Instagram, musically, etc during your breaks because you get lost in scrolling infinite timeline.

5. Don't just read
Reading doesn't mean scanning your notes, you have to become active while reading. Focus on your topics and try to retain information, underline or highlight the important sentences in the paragraph.

I recommend you to find possible exam question from the topics you are reading and find an answer to those questions while reading. By doing this you are engaging your brain to your study which will definitely help you to study more effectively.

6. Ask questions
If you have any questions regarding topics you are reading or if you do not understand anything then immediately stand up and ask your teacher. Don't afraid to ask your teacher just stand up and ask them immediately. They will be happy to answer your questions.

7. Find smart friend
Surround yourself with smart friends. Sticking with those friends who are not confident and cannot help you in your study then it does not worth sticking with them, you can make friends who encourage you and help you in your study. You can discuss topics with each other and it will definitely increase your knowledge. I don't mean to ignore those friends who are weak but you have to surround yourself with smart friends which are worthful in achieving your goals.

8. Solve sample questions & Quiz yourself
You can collect sample papers and answer to those questions which will be helpful in exam point of view. You can solve and check your answer and give points. Repeat the process until your answer is accurate. I recommend you to solve possible exam questions of topics you study this week at the end of the week probably Saturday or Sunday.

You can make a quiz questions and write the best answer to it. It is scientifically proven that quizzing yourself is helpful to remember the information for a long time.

9. Make sticky notes.
You can make sticky notes 3x3 inches in dimensions and write most important topics in it. You can carry it along with you in your pocket and read it anywhere you get time. You can use different apps available on the app store which allows an interface to create sticky notes on your smartphones.

10. Be consistent
Consistency is the key to success. If you cannot become regular then the above points are worthless. So be consistent and stick to your study timetable. If you study today then you can enjoy your life later but if you want to enjoy life today then your life will be difficult in your future. The rope of your life is in your own hand. What would you like to do? You want to control or be controlled. So the choice is all yours.

11. Take at least 6-8 hours of sleep
Sleep is most important for your brain to organize the information you have learned throughout the day. Just take complete 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep early and try to wake up in morning naturally if possible.

Follow your study schedule for 21 days and it will help you to create your habit. Once a habit is formed then study will be fun for you. Just do believe in yourself and promise yourself to become the best version of yourself. I hope this article is helpful to you. Please share this article with your friends and drop your suggestions in the comment section. Please share any other tips which may be helpful to other readers that you have already tried.


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