Selling Concept of Marketing

Marketing BBS 2nd Year

According to selling the concept of marketing,  consumers will not buy a product unless the company undertakes promotional activities. So, this concept gives emphasis on mass selling and promotional efforts.

According to Philip Kotler & Armstrong, "Selling concept is the idea that consumers will not buy enough of organisation's products unless the organisation undertakes a large scale selling and promotional efforts."
Under the selling concept, marketers focus on stimulating consumers' needs through promotional efforts such as advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and publicity rather than on building long-term profitable customers relationships.

Selling concept is based on the business philosophy of sell what they make rather than to make what the market wants. The starting point of this concept is the factory and it gives focus on existing products or sellers' needs. Heavy promotional efforts are means and profit through high sales volume is the end of this concept.

Features of Selling Concept of Marketing

  • Neglects consumers' need: The selling concept of marketing gives more emphasis on sales volumes rather than consumers' need, wants, and requirements. It neglects the satisfaction of the consumer. It gives importance to aggressive promotional efforts for mass selling.
  • Emphasis on sales volume: The selling concept is sales oriented, not consumer oriented. It gives emphasize on sales volume rather than on building long-term profitable consumer relationships. It beliefs on mass selling through aggressive promotion efforts.
  • Promotional efforts: The selling concept believes in mass selling and aggressive personal efforts. It gives higher priority to increase sales volume and profits rather than consumer satisfaction. Marketers stimulate consumers explaining the quality, importance, and other features of the products.
  • Objective: The main objective of this concept is to maximize profit through mass selling. It gives much more emphasis on sales volume rather than long-term transaction and profitable consumer relationships.

In conclusion, in the selling concept, marketers focus on heavy promotional efforts to attract potential customers. They also believe that consumers do not buy product spontaneously, it requires aggressive promotional efforts. They focus on mass selling rather than long-term profitable customer relationships.

Selling Concept of Marketing
Starting PointFactory
Focuses onSellers' needs
MeansHeavy promotional efforts
EndsProfit through high sales volume


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